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AEG HK854400FB Electric induction Hob (New Unboxed – Chip On Glass)

This smart AEG HK854400FB Electric induction Hob gives instant heating power that only heats the pan and nothing else. Enjoy the benefits of precision professional cooking. 
Induction cooking

With unique zone-free induction hobs you can use any shape or sized pan as the zones automatically adapt to the position of your cookware.

The larger cooking areas give you the space to perform like a professional with the use of your specialised pots and pans.

Timing is easy

Featuring a CountUp Timer you know exactly how long each stage is. The timer starts at zero and counts up until you stop or reset it. Rely on the CountUp Timer to watch over the cooking process of your food – saving you time and effort.

The Öko Timer works out precisely when to turn the hob off. The hob uses residual heat during the last few minutes of the cooking process, giving you the same high-quality food while saving energy and you money on your utility bills.

Powerful heat

Designed with OptiHeat Control, the level of heat remaining for each zone is monitored and tracked for safer and more efficient use.

With the power booster function, intense bursts of heat are produced which is perfect for quick and easy meals.

Experience high-performance boiling and frying when you use this AEGHK854400FB Electric induction Hob

  • 4 flexible cooking zones – pans can be placed anywhere within a zone
  • 4 bevelled sides
  • Touch controls
  • 12 Month Warranty
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Electrolux EHF6140ISK 59cm Wide Black Four Zone Ceramic Hob (New Unboxed) 

A natural movement, all the way from low heat to high
Along the side of this hob are the rotary control knobs. They’re designed to be easy to twist and turn when you change the power levels of your hob.
Always know exactly which zone is still hot
With this hob, you always know exactly which zones are still hot, thanks to the residual heat indicators, which cleverly reveal where the heat is.
The wipe-down surface
The ceramic glass surface of this hob is so easy to clean. A simple wipe, and you are done
  • Side rotary control knobs for completely natural control
  • Residual heat indicator to reveal which zones are still hot
  • An easy-to-clean ceramic glass surface
  • Independent hob – install it anywhere you want to
  • Robust supports to provide higher heat resistance and durability
  • 12 Month Warranty