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AEG DCE731110M SURROUNDCOOK Double Oven (New Unboxed)

The Golden brown on a potato gratin. The deep crust on a fillet of beef. The moist depths of a rich chocolate cake. Achieving even results time after time demands precisely controlled heat, distributed consistently throughout your oven. Unlike standard ovens, the Surroundcook ovens advanced fan technology ensures that every part of your dish is getting exactly the heat it needs. Evenly. Consistently. Wherever it’s placed. Whether its one dish or several. No more turning dishes halfway through cooking. Just the results that meet your expectations.

An Accessible Oven
This oven is designed with accessibility in mind the trays can be inserted quickly and smoothly into the racks

Heat Activated Catalytic Cleaning
The Catalytic lining absorbs the grease from cooking and is activated by regular heating to 220°C. The grease residue is oxidised leaving the catalytic surface clean.

Cooked Evenly Everywhere
With this oven, using energy efficiently also means cooking efficiently. It has a new convection system called Hot Air, which ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity. The result is that the oven heats up faster and cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving you both time and energy.

All the Information You Need
The LCD touch control display on this oven puts cooking time, mode and temperature at your fingertips and gives you access to pre programmed recipes.

Perfectly Bake Even the Largest Batches
Less isn’t always more, especially when it comes to delicious baked goodies. The XL Baking Tray is 20% larger than standard sized baking trays, enabling you to turn out larger batches of sweet treats, with the satisfaction that every single one has been perfectly baked.

Product Features:
Electronic touch controls
Fan controlled defrosting
Isofront plus triple glazed door
Heat activated catalytic cleaning
Dual circuit economy variable grill

12 Month Warranty
Normal Retail Price €999